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Distributed Sun was formed in 2009 to help accelerate the adoption of solar energy across the United States. We specialize in commercial rooftop installations and third-party ownership models. Distributed Sun has formed SUNONE to deploy rooftop solar arrays in the mid-Atlantic. With the right project developer, solar power installations pay back their owners and users in relatively short periods with strong returns. Whether you can benefit most from long-term reductions in energy costs, green practices, tax equity investments, state rebates, accelerated depreciation, or renewable energy credits, Distributed Sun is there with a proven solution to satisfy your objectives.

Trust Strategy Group (TSG) deploys strategic solutions to mitigate specific enterprise and government risk. Our team of innovators deploy specialized products and offer consultative services to clients in both the public and private sectors. TSG's Security Blinds provide the new aesthetic mitigating bomb blasts and burglary. Blinds are custom fitted for every window or door in either new construction or when retrofitting a building. Notably, they protect both human life and property. our video evidence on the Security Blinds webiste demonstrates the value of TSG Security Blinds.

Advanced Interactive Systems: Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc., (AIS) delivers comprehensive training solutions, when lives are on the line. AIS is uniquely capable of pairing technology expertise with extensive field experience to provide law enforcement, military, and public safety personnel with world-class training products and services that protect lives.

Resilient Network Systems' new class of Internet servers extends the reach of the Internet to protected data and application content by introducing new methods of establishing trust and giving owners customized control over how their content is used. For every request through these servers, all policies between all parties, including incremental security or authentication services, are brokered and enforced by the network before the transaction occurs, thus removing concerns that valuable or private content will fall in to the wrong hands.

The ability to shift security, privacy and rights management enforcement into the gcloudh and away from centrally-managed applications enables a new class of grun-timeh composite applications incorporating distributed, access-controlled data and applications. Additional network services provided by Resilient and its partners- such as audit, consent management, usage metering, and payment services- enable end-to-end business processes between ad-hoc groups of participants.

a21 is a leading digital content marketplace for the professional creative community. Through SuperStock www.superstock.com, a21 provides images distinguished by the quality of their photographers and the attention to the customer experience. Together a21 and SuperStock provide advanced image access to the best photographers, artists, photography agencies and customers in the business, offering a valuable and viable choice in the stock image industry.

VeriSign Inc (NASDAQ: VRSN) operates intelligent infrastructure services that enable people and business to find, connect, secure, and transact across todayfs complex, global networks. Every day, VeriSign enables over 14 billion internet interactions, 3 billion telephony interactions, and $100M of e-commerce. As next-generation networks emerge, VeriSign is deploying the intelligent infrastructures necessary for everything from RFID supply chains to VoIP to mobile content. VeriSign helps carriers looking to rapidly deploy new services, Fortune 500 enterprises needing comprehensive, proactive security services, and e-commerce leaders wanting to securely process payments and reduce fraud.
Bantu: A leading provider of Web-based instant communications solutions, Bantu is providing presence-based Instant Messaging (IM) middleware for CRM, ERP, and collaboration software providers


Sun Microsystems Inc., (NASDAQ: SUNW) provides network computing infrastructure solutions that include computer systems, software, storage, and services. Its core brands include the Java technology platform, the Solaris operating system, StorageTek and the UltraSPARC processor
Admine: An online marketplace for advertising content, where advertising is recycled, enabling businesses to shop online for ready-to-go original and proven print, television, radio and outdoor advertising that can be licensed quickly and affordably. Admine aggregates campaigns from a variety of creative sources and uses its Internet platform to market and distribute the campaigns to local and regional businesses.
Alexus: Provider of e-recruiting and workforce management solutions to Fortune 1000 firms and smaller, high growth companies.
ASAP Webworks: A web development firm focused on early-stage businesses, small to medium sized professional firms, and associations, providing high quality and high-speed development of web sites, web applications and Internet consulting services.
AV&V Communications: A provider of telecommunication services to working-class Hispanic communities within the United States, offering long distance calling to South America, internet access, prepaid calling cards, prepaid wireless, travel services, and copy and fax services.
Away.com: An online leader in providing extraordinary travel opportunities, with more than 1 million members and over 10,000 trips for those seeking an unforgettable vacation to challenge the mind, body and senses.
Backwire: A leading e-marketing company, Backwire has developed a proprietary customization technology to deliver one-to-one content, commerce and advertising via electronic messaging. Their system aggregates consumer preferences and demographic data and matches content, commerce and advertising to specific consumers. Backwire was sold to Leap Wireless (NASDAQ, LEAP) in March, 2001.
Carney Interactive: An interactive multimedia consulting, design, and production firm producing effective web-sites, powerful business presentations, interactive kiosks, computer-based training, and electronic performance support.
dmg world media is an international exhibition and publishing company which produces around 300 market leading trade exhibitions, consumer shows and fairs, in addition to about 70 related magazines, newspapers, directories and market reports.
Engenia: Creating an adaptive collaboration platform to empower organizations throughout the value-chain to sense and respond to changing business conditions in real-time. Their solutions enable exchanges, extranets and extended enterprises to reap the rewards of collaboration quickly and build deep, profitable and sustainable relationships.

Fairfield Textiles manufactures a broad array of knit and other jacquard textiles for the sports wear, knit wear and designer garment industry.
IMfuse: The maker of a scalable Instant Messaging Server system and application toolkit that serves instant messages over the AIM (AOL), MSN Messenger (Microsoft), and Jabber IM networks. Their software toolkit enables developers to build custom applications, bundling Online Presence Awareness, Natural Language Processing, and Scalable Conversation Management.
JuniorJobs.com: Focused around teenage employment and awareness, juniorjobs.com provides teens with an online jobsite, local school programs focused on technology, and regional job portals.
NetSurfer: A leading provider of next-generation subscriber provisioning and management software for dial-up and broadband service providers.

Reality Response is a leader in the development of real-time, networked, multi-participant virtual simulation software and systems. As a recognized authority on Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense architecture requirements and standards for simulation systems, the RR engineering group delivers virtual simulation systems for a wide range of military and public safety training environments.

Today's powerful, yet affordable, computing platforms can create stunningly realistic environments for almost any training scenario. By leveraging advanced techniques for developing highly immersive virtual environments, RR can deliver computer-generated imagery-based simulations that prepare trainees for real-world missions in a variety of settings - including natural environments, urban areas with building interiors, and transportation centers such as subways, airports, and harbors.
Research and Management Systems (RAMS) creates solutions for grant makers and grantees to streamline the research funding process. As this industry has addressed the challenges to implementing electronic commerce for grants, often called electronic research administration (gERAh). grantsERA(TM), a RAMS software product is a grant management system. grantsERA(TM) is being used in over 35 research institutions to manage their grant proposals, awards and related compliance activities.
ScienceWise is the business-to-business workplace on the Web for science and engineering professionals. Our mission is to help professionals reduce the time spent searching for information, increase revenues through funding and teaming opportunities, enhance collaboration with colleagues, stay current in their areas of expertise, and increase overall productivity.
ServerVault: Offering multi-platform managed hosting solutions on dedicated servers in an ultra-secure environment. Beyond basic co-location services, ServerVault enables customers to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy Internet business solutions with unparalleled levels of reliability, scalability, security, and customer care.
Star Remote Wireless: Provides software solutions for wireless remote management of eBusiness infrastructures, empowering businesses to access, exchange and manage key data using existing mobile communications devices such as wireless phones, PDAs (Palm Pilots and PocketPCs) and RIM pagers.
SwapDrive: Web-based operating software for data storage, allowing businesses a "virtual hard drive" that lets users remotely store and access critical information more easily, reliably, and efficiently.
TMA Resources is the leading force in the development of advanced software for the management of member-centric organizations, impressing the industry year after year with its technology developments, commitment to service, and solid growth. ?MA Resources leads the industry in revenue, allowing them to build the largest professional staff and support an R&D commitment unrivaled by any of our competitors. The result - the most robust, innovative, comprehensive, and best supported software in the industry.
VIPdesk.com: A concierge service providing real-time personal assistance from a nationwide network of live, local agents via website, email, one-on-one chat, and telephone. VIPdesk provides this service to companies who in turn offer the concierge program as a lifestyle enhancement benefit to their customers or employees.
Providing Internet-based workforce optimization solutions designed to improve the productivity of employees and increase operating efficiency. web:TEA's solutions automate the traditionally inefficient and paper intensive processes of time, travel and entertainment (TT&E) expense management so that employees can focus on higher-value core business activities and employers can improve their bottom line.
WellMe: A division of State of the Art, Inc., WellMe is creating and marketing health communications resources that advance the goals of health organizations, corporations and the people they serve. State of the Art, Inc. is an Academy Award? winning multi-media communications company that has created exceptional resources focusing on health and education for over two decades.
Whereoware: A leading business-to-business e-commerce site and community for the home accents, gift and collectibles industry. Whereoware is establishing an electronic hub of community-oriented services and creating value for retailers by eliminating the hassles of business and lowering their transaction costs.

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