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There is no lack of money for the right investment opportunities. The challenge is making sure that your company provides the right opportunity for an investor that can bring more than just money. That's exactly where ASAP Ventures can help.

We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake. We offer a different kind of commitment to our clients, which is about much more than simply raising money. Our highest priority is earning the respect of the company and building a relationship of trust and value.

We use a disciplined approach that maximizes our clients' chances for success. The process is designed to bring about a timely close with an investment partner that will bring the greatest level of value to the relationship and includes:

  • Building a compelling case for investment
  • Setting strategy and organizing the raise
  • Recruiting the investment partner
  • Closing the deal

Ultimately, the value we bring to our clients comes from the collective experience that we bring to bear. The Managing Directors of ASAP Ventures have been instrumental in raising over $140 million for 20 different companies. And with a unique perspective of having been there before, ASAP Ventures will help your company overcome the daunting challenges of finding the right investment partner and growing your enterprise -- We'll do everything we can to help, but we do so with the conviction that the credit belongs to you.

Building a compelling case for investment

We work closely with management to position the company in a way that is differentiated, sustainable and ultimately profitable. Each investment case is built by assisting management in:

  • Coordinating case and market studies that demonstrate a compelling value proposition to a large and definable customer segment;
  • Analyzing competitive companies, how the company differentiates its offering, and why existing and prospective customers will continue to choose its offering over the competitors;
  • Building an economic model that illustrates a clear and reasonable path to sustainable profitability and preparing a sales and marketing plan that will continue to build the sales pipeline and support the economic model;
  • Setting reasonable valuation parameters based on recent venture financing to comparable companies, financial progress, and discounted public company comparables;
  • Demonstrating milestones of what management has achieved to date and a clear strategy and timeline of what it intends to achieve going forward, and;
  • Preparing presentation materials that demonstrate a compelling investment case and logical fit for the prospective investment partner.

Setting strategy and organizing the raise

Once a compelling case for investment is developed, we then harness the collective investor relationships from our own extensive network, the management team and board, existing investors and company service providers to determine the appropriate investment partners and develop our strategy. This includes:

  • Analyzing investment partners to determine the appetite for investment based on industry experience, stage and prior financings;
  • Building a target partner list and coordinating the best possible entry into the targeted firms: and
  • Organizing our approach and setting realistic timelines.

Recruiting the investment partner

We then endeavor to recruit an investment partner that brings extensive industry relationships, company-building experience and an unwavering commitment to add value beyond capital. Along the way, we will:

  • Initiate contacts into the targeted firms and distribute investment case materials;
  • Pre-sell the investment opportunity based on the company's merits along with the particular fit within each targeted firm;
  • Determine "hot buttons" with each investor and develop strategy to mitigate potential objections.
  • Arrange and coordinate conference calls, visits, and correspondence between the management team and prospective investment partners;
  • Provide feedback on the presentation and recommend any necessary refinements to the investment case materials;
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of all investor correspondence.

Closing the deal

Once the company begins to receive term sheets from prospective investment partners, we work closely with the management team and the board of directors to:

  • Analyze and compare the ramifications of each term sheet and determine an acceptable agreement;
  • Develop negotiation strategy and assist in negotiating the final terms;
  • Facilitate the prospective investment partner's due diligence of the company;
  • Initiate and complete due diligence on the investment partner.

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